Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Agreement Program

Complete Clean & Check $119 Additional Benefits

* Priority scheduling
* Reminder Service
* 30 Day Repair Warranty on replacement parts

Complete ACCA PLUS $169.00 Additional Benefits

* All the added benefits from Complete Check & Clean
* One (1) Year Repair Warranty on replacement parts
* 10% discount on replacement parts for repair

Agreement Conditions

Our Promise

We agree to:

  1. Inspect the equipment on a scheduled basis as shown, and during each inspection perform the applicable services per above checklist.
  2. Instruct you in the proper operation of the equipment.
  3. Give our service contract holders preference over all other service activity normally undertaken by us.
  4. We agree to keep you informed of available enhancements throughout the life of your system.

We ask you to:

  1. Operate the equipment according to our instructions.
  2. Promptly notify us of any unusual operating conditions of the equipment.
  3. Permit only our service personnel and/or a service organization authorized by us to work on the equipment.


  • During the term of the agreement we will take all reasonable precautions to avoid injury to persons and damage to property while on the premises, but we shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages.
  • We shall not be liable for losses or defect arising out of vandalism, fire, flood, wind, war, riots and acts of God. In such cases, the customer shall be charged for the parts and labor involved at the then current price for such repairs. No such parts or labor shall be furnished, however, without authorization from the customer.
  • Repair and/or replacement parts necessary to correct defects will be the responsibility of the purchaser and will be an additional charge and will be due and payable at the time of service.
  • Leak search on air conditioning systems will not have a warranty as described in any plan above.
  • In the event of cancelation all services and benefits rendered under this agreement shall equal payments received.

Customer initials: ______________   Gilley’s Representative: ______________

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Gilley’s Heating and Air Conditioning has served the Northern illinois area since 1985. We serve the residential, service and replacement need, commercial service and replacement and any new construction as well. In September of 2022 Gilley's Heating & Air Conditioning was purchased by Area Mechanical to operate as the residential division. 

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