Extended Warranty's

Gilley's provides a variety of extended warranties to allow customers another opportunity to manage their ongoing costs of operations. The nature of HVAC equipment, and truly any mechanical equipment, means that it requires service as it operates. While you receive a standard parts warranty as the original purchaser, our extended warranties help you project your costs and protect your business against increases in material and/or labor costs.

The following HVAC extended warranties are available for purchase before the ship date of the applicable equipment to give you added peace of mind:

Types of Extended Warranties
Extended warranties are available for purchase before the ship date of the applicable equipment.

  • Delayed Start-Up: When start-up of new equipment will be delayed beyond six months after shipment, the delayed start-up warranty will postpone the commencement date of the standard one-year part warranty.
  • Whole Unit Parts Warranty: The extended whole unit parts warranty begins at the expiration of the standard warranty. And like the standard warranty, the whole unit parts warranty will replace any covered part that is found to be defective in material or manufacture.
  • Compressor Warranty: In the event a part in the compressor assembly of a unit or a part in the motor/transmission/compressor assembly of a centrifugal chiller covered by this warranty is found to be defective, this warranty will provide for a replacement compressor or part.
  • Labor Warranty: When a part covered under warranty is found to be defective, the labor warranty will provide for labor to install the replacement part. Note that 'compressor only' labor warranty covers labor to replace applicable parts on that assembly only. Only a commercial warranty agent may perform warranted repairs under the labor warranty.
  • Refrigerant Warranty: The refrigerant warranty will provide for replacement refrigerant to restore a unit to the proper refrigerant charge if a warranted part on the unit is found to be defective.
  • Service Warranty: The extended service warranty is similar to our new equipment extended warranties, but it is available after equipment start-up. This coverage requires a service agreement with Gilley's. Coverage may be available for up to 10 years from shipment.

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