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Armstrong Air Rooftop Units

  • 15 SEER*, 78% AFUE**
  • 2- to 5-ton cooling capacity
  • 68,000–138,000 Btuh heating input
  • Lifetime limited warranty – heat exchanger***
  • 10-year limited warranty – compressor
  • 10-year limited warranty – parts†

Innovative design features enhance serviceability.
Every unit is fully charged, run and tested for leaks at the factory to ensure faultless performance in your home. These packaged units are also built for economical installation, and service doors provide easy access for maintenance and repairs. Low-nitrogen-oxide-certified units and filter kits in 1", 2" and 4" sizes are available for improved indoor air quality.

Quality construction meets up-to-date design.
Every component is designed for durable, worry-free operation…from the weld-free tubular aluminized steel heat exchanger and solid-state ignition control board to the heavy-duty scroll compressor. The innovative onboard diagnostics system enhances serviceability by helping technicians solve problems with greater accuracy and speed. The platinum gray louvered cabinet offers greater protection and an attractive appearance designed to complement every home.

High energy efficiency helps lower utility bills.
Save money throughout the year with the exceptional heating and cooling performance of Armstrong Air packaged units.†† 15 SEER cooling efficiency and
78% AFUE heating operation help you squeeze more out of every fuel dollar, while 2- to 5-ton cooling capacity and 68,000–138,000 Btuh heating input provide total comfort in every season. Plus, you can feel good knowing these packaged units use R410a refrigerant, which meets government standards for ozone and environmental safety.

Armstrong Furnaces

Home Comfort:
During milder weather, our two-stage furnace can reduce its output to more closely match your home’s comfort needs. On most days the furnace will run 75-80% of the time on low output, allowing the furnace to cycle less often and creating a more even and comfortable environment. When outdoor temperatures drop, your furnace will easily meet the demand, by running at a full 100% capacity, keeping your family warm and comfortable. Using continuous fan allows even temperatures throughout the home while continuously filtering the air.

The System Sentry™ control system helps assure safe, reliable and efficient operation by constantly monitoring and controlling the furnace. Should trouble occur, the System Sentry™ control system will provide service codes to a contractor to help quickly and accurately diagnose the problem. The time-tested stainless steel heat exchanger with a limited lifetime warranty* will provide years of reliable, trouble-free service.

Quiet Operation:
The cabinet is fully insulated, enhancing efficiency and assuring quiet operation during all seasons. A variable speed motor provides quiet, gradual blower start up and shut down. During “Fan On” operation, the variable speed blower reduces output by 50% for quiet, comfortable air movement.

Armstrong Air Conditioners

Quality components provide worry-free reliability. You can count on Armstrong Air air conditioners and heat pumps for years of dependable comfort. The two-stage compressor raises the level of comfort, and lowers utility bills. Its revolutionary two-step design allows the compressor to operate at low speed most of the time for quieter, more consistent comfort and better humidity control.

Quiet Operation:
A blanket of insulation lets you relax in quiet comfort. Units are designed to provide maximum comfort while keeping sound at a minimum. A heavy-duty insulation blanket surrounding the compressor and a wire fan guard significantly reduce operating sound. Heat pumps use a discharge muffler, along with QuietShift™ technology during the defrost cycle, to control sound.

Energy Efficiency:
Conserves energy and protects the environment. Armstrong Air air conditioners and heat pumps exceed Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency and savings. With an efficiency rating of up to 18 SEER, these units can reduce your energy costs, compared to older, less efficient equipment. UltraTech Scroll compressor uses R410a refrigerant, which meets government standards for non-ozone-depleting appliances.

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